Welcome to Emirates English Nursery (Pre School, Kindergarten, and Early Childhood Centre). EEN is top Rated British Day Care with Native English Speaking Teachers That Offers the Best British Curriculum Among Nurseries in Sharjah & Ajman. EEN is Located in a Safe, Clean and Luxury Villa With Four Huge Indoor/Outdoor Playgrounds, Very Well Equipped Classrooms, With Lots of Educational Facilities. Creative Children's Education Foundation is Our First Priority. We Help Children to Develop Their English and Arabic Languages, Social Manners, Physical Abilities, and Many More. There are Lots of Activities in EEN, Suitable for Age up to 4 Years Old Such as Art & Craft, Cooking, Baking, Ballet, Summer camp, Music, Dance, Parties and More. Safe and Comfortable Transport is Available in Sharjah & Ajman. Our address is: Villa No. 4, Ramla Sq. Al Fayha, Sharjah, UAE. Tel: 06 5663339, 050 1085008, EEN Supervisor: Mrs. Penny Newell, Copyright 2008. Emirates English Nursery. All Rights Reserved. حضانات / الحضانه الاماراتيه الانجليزيه / حضانة في الشارقة